Tripartite meeting with representatives of employers, employees and state institutions engaged in this mechanism (Ministry of Finance and Economy responsible for industrial relations issues #MFE, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner #KAD, State Inspectorate of Labor and Services Social #ISHPSHS, National Employment and Skills Agency #AKPA), civil

Extended meeting with Prime Minister Rama and representatives of Albanian and foreign chambers and associations; where it was discussed about the improvement of the business climate, the increase of mutual cooperation in the function of the economic and social development of the country.
The process of addressing recommendations will continue with

Biznes Albania participates in the National Forum for “Long-Term Care for the Elderly in Albania.
This forum aims to share with participants from public institutions and social partners the findings of the ILO Analysis on "Policies for the Elderly in Albania" and to shed light on recommendations for interventions to ensure

BiznesAlbania participates in the activity organized by the International Labor Organization within the ESAP2 project: 

 "Employment and Social Affairs Platform 2" & "Promoting collective agreements in the Western Balkans"

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