BiznesAlbania participated in the knowledge exchange session between the resident coordinators of the United Nations, ILO and representatives of the social partners of the Western Balkans regarding the situation of Covid 19 in the region. Mr. Koli Sinjari, Business Director of Albania, described the macroeconomic effects of Covid 19 in

Today was organized the round table by invitation from the State Inspectorate of Labor and Social Services in the framework of the project "Employment and Social Affairs Platform 2 ESAP-II". The Director of BusinessAlbania Mr. Koli Sinjari presented the role of the Employers' Organization in the implementation of the employment

Biznes Albania participates in the regional consultative meeting organized by the ILO Project "Access to justice for labor disputes through mediation and conciliation". Consultative meetings will serve as forums for the exchange of information, collective reflection on the issue of resolving labor disputes and ensuring equal access to justice for

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