Meeting of the task force group on the framework of the project WIM3

In the framework of the project WIM3 BiznesAlbania organized on 23 April 2018 a national meeting of expert group.

According to the project work programme, BiznesAlbania created an expert group of Union of Independent trade Unions of Albania (BSPSH), representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Economy (that covers the social dialogue and the National Labour Council), the Director General of National Employment Service of Tirana, and the representatives of General Inspectorate.

The meeting was opened by BiznesAlbania Director of International Relations and Projects Koli Sinjari who introduced the national experts, two members from trade unions, two members from the Ministry, one member from the National Employment Service, two members from the national Central Inspectorate and two members from BiznesAlbania. He briefly reported on project activities and presented a draft Workers’ Participation in Management Act that was disseminated in Albanian language to national experts.

Project manager Maja Skorupan made two presentations: one on EU legal framework of worker’s participation and one on Slovene legislation on workers participations in management. Her presentation was followed by a discussion on methods and conditions for companies if implementing a workers’ participation in management act; the right to present an initiative; the right to be informed; the right to give opinions, possibility of joint consultations with the employer, etc.

There was a debate on Albanian Labour Code, the rights and duties of trade unions and their role in the companies by making a distinction between workers council. Representatives of trade unions emphasized their role should be clarified in the legislation.

In the end, it was agreed to further study the details of the draft legislation and to make a short survey among companies. The conclusions will be then disseminated to the stakeholders.

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