“Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network” (CIDE NET)

In the framework of the program “INTERREG Balkan – Mediterranean 2014-2020”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Union of Albanian Business – BiznesAlbania, participate in the implementation of the project “Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network” together with Hellenic Management Association, Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industries of Greece, Business Confederation of Macedonia, Union of Private Bulgarian Entrepreneurs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limassol Cyprus .

The project will support SMEs’ mindsets and capabilities for transition to an intra-firm environment more conducive to competitiveness and development. The project looks at how selected enterprises’ philosophy and practices have evolved and examines the effectiveness of their creativity and innovation strategies. It takes into consideration such enterprises and sectors’ comparative advantages and examines how their not fully exploited “strengths” may, under certain conditions, give them a “first mover” advantage in attracting creative talents and implementing organizational and strategic reforms. In particular, for the purposes of the proposed project, consultations among partners have resulted in provisionally identifying a number of sectors, such as processing of agricultural raw materials, textiles, tourism, IT services, which could constitute “focus areas” for project activities and transnational cooperation. Our project focuses on SMEs’ efforts to transform present strategies and practices which are predominantly “growth seeking” to more “creative and innovation driven” ones. Stimulation of SMEs’ creativity and innovation leading to labour and organizational skills gains, will impact on competitiveness, particularly in difficult economic conditions.
CIDE NET ultimate objective is the development of entrepreneurial learning programmes for the promotion of SMEs innovation and competitiveness. It also aims at establishing lasting training/mentoring cooperation schemes so as to continue mitigating the disadvantages of weak and outdated labor skills and positively impacting on cross border cooperation, regional development and economic convergence.
The project’s overall objective reflects the needs and requirements laid forth in the EU 2020 strategic framework Programme for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. The principles advanced by the EU2020 strategy will be observed when working towards the objectives and outputs of our project. This includes the implementation of European cooperation in training from a lifelong learning perspective, whereby the open method of coordination (OMC) is used more effectively and synergies are developed among the partners and various other stakeholders.

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